American English in Mind

Level 4

American English in Mind is the American English edition of the successful British English course, English in Mind.

The course motivates teenagers through thought-provoking reading, listening, speaking, and writing topics. Contemporary spoken American English is presented in realistic contexts with content-rich photostories and dialogues.

The interleaved Teacher’s Editions provide step-by-step instructions for teachers along with supplemental material for multi-level classes. The Student’s Book DVD-ROM features stimulating grammar exercises, games, video, unit tests, Workbook audio, and selected Student’s Book audio. The videos feature the Student’s Book photostory characters and include a ‘Videoke’ function that allows students to record and hear their voices in portions of the video dialogues.

Key Features

  • A student DVD-ROM with stimulating grammar exercises, games, videos, and tests.

  • “Check Your Progress” sections for self-assessment.

  • “Culture in Mind” sections with insightful readings and activities.

  • Extra material on pronunciation, vocabulary, and creative projects.

  • Interleaved Teacher’s Editions with supplemental material for multi-level classes.

Items available in this level

Book with Audio CD

Level 4 Student's Book with DVD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521733472


Level 4 DVD

ISBN: 9780521733700

General Book

Level 4 Workbook

ISBN: 9780521733489

Teachers Book

Level 4 Teacher's Edition

ISBN: 9780521733496


Level 4 Class Audio CDs (4)

ISBN: 9780521733571

General Book

Level 4 Classware

ISBN: 9780521733373


Level 4 Testmaker Audio CD and CD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521733588


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