Things you’ve always wanted to know about me

On the road

I run regularly, and I love it!  I prefer pre-breakfast runs, before the traffic starts, and I’ve run in the world’s most stunning cities: New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Florence…  I’ve even managed to run a few marathons, but let’s just say my middle name is ‘Slow’!

Behind the lens

I’m a keen amateur photographer; I love wildlife photography, landscapes and people. You can have a look at some of my shots on my online album.


Under the sea

The colours and the creatures of the underwater world fascinate me, and the weightlessness of gliding along 30 metres below the surface in almost complete silence makes scuba diving a joy.

Learning to dive had been a dream of mine since I’d been a small child … in fact I’d done it so often in my imagination that when I finally took my first lesson the instructor said, “You’ve done this before!”

This backs up a claim Jane Arnold, Mario Rinvolucri and I make in Imagine That!: create a positive image of yourself doing something you’d like to learn, and you’ll succeed much more easily. After all, you’ve already been there!

On the beat

In my youth, I played bass guitar in a band called The Rocking Stars. Perhaps I’m making up for lost time, but I recently treated myself to a Hoefner 500/1, like Paul McCartney used to play. All I need to do now is remember how to play it…!

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