Hooray! Let's Play!

Level B

This exciting and innovative three level course for 3- to 5-year-olds has a unique, multisensory approach that develops young children’s core thinking skills through a variety of games, stories, action stories and songs, and promotes essential social skills through motivating, value-based stories.

The Teacher’s Book provides a host of practical, easy-to-use tips and pointers. It contains two Audio CDs – containing all the songs, chants, stories, action stories and listening exercises from the course – as well as a DVD-ROM with an editable letter to the parents for each unit; photocopiable Worksheets for Extra Lessons; and a training video for the teacher.

All components are available in both British and American English.

Key Features

  • Fun and easy to teach, the course makes learning natural and memorable.

  • Four delightful characters – Peter the Panda, Rosie the Rabbit, Connie the Crocodile and Tom the Turtle – quickly befriend the children and create a positive, warm learning environment.

  • A unique combination of materials – books, DVDs, Audio CDs, DVD-ROMs, story cards, flashcards and a hand puppet – can be adapted to suit every classroom need.

Items available in this level


Hand puppets [Rosie + Peter]

ISBN: 978-3-85272-443-0

Pupils Book

Student’s Book + Audio CD

ISBN: 978-3-85272-454-6

Teachers Book

Teacher's Book + 2 Audio CDs + DVD

ISBN: 978-3-85272-455-3


Interactive Whiteboard Software

ISBN: 978-3-85272-456-0



ISBN: 978-3-85272-457-7

Flash Cards

Cards-Set [Flashcards + Story Cards]

ISBN: 978-3-85272-458-4

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