English in Mind 2ed

Level 2

This second edition of English in Mind updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over. Engaging content and a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary combine to make this course a hit with both teachers and students.

Popular course features have been refreshed with new content, including the imaginative reading and listening topics, ‘Culture in Mind’, and ‘Everyday English’ sections.

New for the second edition is a DVD-ROM with the Starter Level Student’s Book containing games, extra exercises and videos featuring the photostories’ characters as well as a ‘Videoke’ record-yourself function. There is a full ‘Vocabulary bank’ at the back of the book which expands upon lexical sets learned in the units.

Key Features

  • The texts and topics contain 100% up-to-date content.

  • A Student’s Book DVD-ROM contains games, extra exercises and video dramas featuring the photostory characters.

  • A Vocabulary bank with related exercises, and speaking development tasks in every unit.

  • Online Workbooks now available.

Items available in this level

Book with Audio CD

Level 2 Student's Book with DVD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521156097

General Book

Level 2 Workbook

ISBN: 9780521123006

Teachers Book

Level 2 Teacher's Resource Book

ISBN: 9780521170369


Level 2 Audio CDs

ISBN: 9780521183369


Level 2 DVD (PAL)

ISBN: 9780521159326


Level 2 DVD (NTSC)

ISBN: 9780521184489


Level 2 Classware DVD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521123532


Level 2 Testmaker Audio CD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521136846


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